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Why Us

  • Applicant(s) can discuss with their representative. It is important to know your future process and application submission plans with your representative. No matter who ever your counsellor is and wherever be your consultant/consultancy office, you need to know of the immigration services from your direct representative. Immigration attorney/ representative are one whose name is mentioned in the “Use of representative form” OR to whom you issue power of attorney to represent your file.
  • Flexible options to choose “Principle applicant” and transparency with the documents transferred to Visa office. We ensure to let the applicant check with their consulate or visa office the authenticity of the information and documents given by the representative before making the payment.
  • Single touch point contact – we share the direct number of the file manager who handle the application. There is no OFFICE time restriction unlike other consultancy office who maintain an office hours and working days.
  • Once enrolled as an APPLICANT, the attorney services are meant till the time you get a visa stamped in passport. No additional cost for re-filling/ submission of application.
  • No upfront payment- The applicant can decide when to make the payment for the service after processing. They can request the representative to share the documents and information before making the payment.
  • Applicant can request the medium & mode of communication with the representative. We reply through facebook business page, Whatsapp, Skype, LinkedIn, Twitter hike etc depending on the feasibility
  • The “Service Agreement” is transferrable. At any point of time, if an applicant wish to discontinue the process and intends to transfer the service to friends or relative they have option. Without any additional cost they can transfer the agreement by providing a “NO OBJECTION STATEMENT”. The new applicant will then need to pay for balance amount only.
  • Notary service (Contact to know more)
  • Temporary Resident Visa (Contact to know more)
  • Visit visa (Contact to know more)
  • Family status visa (Contact to know more)
  • Parents and Grandparents visa (Contact to know more)
  • Rejected /Declined study visas (Contact to know more)
  • We deal with rejection and refused/declined cases in particular. Our attorney service provides solution to appeal / request for re-consideration. Since the representatives are learned practising lawyers, they are familiar with the immigration & International laws and the ways to challenge the decision made by designated visa office / Embassy.
  • Our attorney service WILL ALSO benefit under following situations:
    • Emergency help with an immigration matter
    • You have been notified that deportation or removal proceedings are being started against you
    • You have been deported and wish to apply to return
    • You have had an immigration application refused or denied
    • You have been convicted of a criminal offense
    • Have committed a criminal offense and are trying to enter the "country of residence" OR protect yourself from removal from the "country of residence"

Our Services

  • Immigration File representation & Laws
  • Affidavits & Pleadings
  • Prepare immigration appeals and motions
  • Request to re-consider declined case
  • Petition before the Inadmissibility hearing tribunal
  • Legal letter draft as per Immigration law
  • Re-appeal / Reference Immigration and refugee protection Act
  • Family-Based Immigration Categories
  • Consular Processing
  • Defense to Deportation
  • Social Security Mismatch
  • Adjustment of status
  • Naturalization
  • Salary & contracts disputes
  • Employment Verification and Background Checks

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Mr. Somarajan M.V
Senior Advocate- High Court of Kerala

Mr. Kuriakose Peter T
Senior Advocate – High Court of Kerala

Mr. Jees Mon Jacob
Attorney – Immigration |Consular Processing | Citizenship

( For Immigration and visa processing only )
(For Complaints & Feedback only)